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Use our expertise with emerging and disruptive Microsoft technologies to create superior cloud software services and media solutions for your forward-thinking organization

Since 2003 Southworks has provided software development services for companies seeking to turn their vision into a successful software solution. For our customers we create software solutions ranging from commercial solutions and line-of-business applications to high-profile demos showing recommended practices for using emerging technology.

We have deep experience with the Microsoft Azure platform, including Azure Media Services, as a key Microsoft partner involved with Azure since before its public availability.

MS Gold Partner

Our Specialities

We embrace opportunities to create awesome software solutions. We focus on the design, development and deployment of applications and services.

Cloud Applications & Services

We create highly performant, available and scalable applications and services for Azure.

Media Solutions

We create rich Azure Media Services solutions for customers, including those used in the Olympics, for Sunday Night Football, and by large enterprises streaming content.

Emerging Azure Services Solutions and Guidance

We develop solutions and guidance showing recommended practices and features of emerging Azure technology and services, including Bots, Media Analytics and Cortana Intelligence Services.

Our Process

We follow a customer-focused agile process. We will work with you to determine your overall goals and outcome, and from that produce a Delivery Map showing expected weekly high-level deliverables required to meet that outcome. A typical Delivery Map covers from one to three months, depending on the project size. From the deliverables we maintain a detailed backlog of tasks, and will work with you each iteration to review progress and prioritize our commitments for the next iteration. Our teams hold a daily stand-up, where individual tasks are assigned and committed for the day.

Our Process

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