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About us

We are a software company of passionate, determined and thoughtful individuals.

Since 2003, Southworks has grown into one of the most trusted and respected Microsoft Vendors. We have had the privilege of creating custom software solutions and developer guidance that has ranged from commercial products, to mission critical line-of-business applications, to SDKs and components, to demos showing how to use emerging technology.

We focus primarily on the Microsoft technology stack, particularly for cloud applications and services, as well as desktop clients. We also create multi-platform mobile clients for those services.

We perform the majority of the work nearshore, in Argentina, though frequently we work onsite during key project periods. English fluency, high transparency, excellent results and talent with a personal touch is what our customers experience.

MS Gold Partner

Our Services

We embrace opportunities to create software solutions.

Cloud Services

We design and develop services for the cloud and on the cloud. The cloud could be of any of the private, public and hybrid delivery models.

Web Applications

We design and develop Web applications, from the data access through the browser UI, using HTML5 and the latest JS frameworks.

Mobile and Desktop Clients

We design and develop native mobile applications, cross-platform (Web apps) and hybrid applications using tools like Cordova.

Event Keynotes

We develop keynote demos for high profile events, typically highlighting emerging technology that is being publically announced.

Portal Applications

We design and develop portal applications and components, frequently using SharePoint Online as well as on-premises SharePoint.

Developer Guidance

We create applications and content that demonstrate how to effectively develop software using recommended practices.

Our Work

Many of our project are confidential, but here are just a few examples of published solutions we’ve had the privilege to help create.

Multi-Tenant Insurance Application

Leaving a customer merely satisfied means we have failed. Our goal is not to have satisfied customers, but extremely satisfied customers.

Join Us

If you’re really bright, passionate about creating meaningful software and want to do something amazing, join us.

Do these things matter to you?

Developing with the latest technologies

Working in an awesome environment with top tools

Helping to solve really tough challenges

Committing to create high quality software

Celebrating with your team

Having an opportunity to travel

Building great relationships with clients that appreciate you

And you want to

Unlock Your Potential

Create Software That Matters

Enjoy Your Team

Then you probably should

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10900 NE 4th St, Ste 2300
Bellevue, WA 98004

(425) 947-2919


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