Rough Cut Editor

The Silverlight Microsoft Media Platform (MMP) Video Editor (formerly known as the Rough Cut Editor) simplifies the editing and publishing process, enabling real-time, browser-based video editing, and providing the ability for publishers to improve collaboration, manage dynamic metadata and deliver exciting content to the Web. Southworks created the Rough Cut Editor for Microsoft, and it has been used by broadcasters for Sunday Night Football and multiple Olympic Games.

“Two critical goals for coverage of the Vancouver Olympics were speed of delivery and cost,” said Perkins Miller, senior vice president of Digital Media at NBC Sports. “The Silverlight Rough Cut Editor helped us achieve those goals by enabling editors to cut short-form highlights from long-form live coverage through a Web-based editor and have them published to the site within seconds – even while the event was still in progress. This dramatically reduced our costs and made it easier and faster to deliver video.”

Released as open source, Bitcentral contracted with Southworks to create their commercial product Bitcentral Create, expanding the capabilities with features specific to newsroom workflows.

With the broader acceptance of HTML5, Microsoft contracted Southworks to build a modern, light-weight, HTML5 version of the online editor. The solution consists of small JavaScript widget components that can be easily reused in other Web Sites. These client-side widgets rely on a set of middle-tier REST APIs that Southworks designed and implemented. The result was a very simple and touch-friendly video editor for Azure Media Services assets.


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