For the Vancouver, London and Sochi Olympic Games, Southworks contributed several projects.

Asset Replicator: This tool allows you to replicate WAMS assets across two Media Services accounts. In the most common scenarios this capability is used to mirror a library of streaming assets across accounts in two different Azure data centers to enable geo-diverse redundancy. During London 2012 Olympics, this tool was used by multiple broadcasters to guarantee on-demand video streaming redundancy.

Live Monitoring Dashboard: Web sites and services to manage and monitor WAMS and cloud services to geo-replicate WAMS assets for redundancy. These tooling were used for the Olympic Games’ live events broadcasting.

Rough Cut Editor: NBC used it alongside a live stream of the games to create event highlights, so that people just joining the coverage could get up to speed quickly.


Azure Media Services, Azure Storage, Azure WebJobs, Azure SQL Database, Azure Access Control Services (ACS), ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight