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Windows Azure and the Lever long enough

Last week, I was reviewing my digital library, using my brand new eBook reader and I’ve found the classic Peter Senge’s book “The Fifth¬†Discipline“.

The book have a lot of interesting concepts and examples on how real-life systems works, including the famous System Archetypes. But one of the most significant parts of this book in my opinion, is the first chapter.

The title itself is a quote from Archimedes:¬ Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world

Now we, as Developers, finally have access to that lever and the fulcrum name is Windows Azure.

Azure Lever

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Software Architecture Course for Students – Index

Here is the first chapter of this course, intended to explain the core concepts of Software Architecture to high-school/first years students.

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Software Architecture for Students (Spanish)

In the next weeks, I’ll be publishing ¬†an small (introductory) course in the new Microsoft Student Cells website about Software Architecture.

The course will cover the basics of Software Architecture, and it can may be complemented with live meeting sessions (always in spanish language).

Microsoft Cells Site (PuertaDeEnlace.Net)

Arquitectos de Software de América Latina (ASLA)

The Real power of “var”

I’ve just discovered the real power of the implicit type var.

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The exception to the rule

Here are my lessons learned after this first week as a Southie:

  1. It is possible to work with Agile Methods and be fully compliant with orthodox methods requirements (CMMI, ISO, Etc.).
  2. The quality is a constant process, which drives to the Excellence.
  3. Your daily work can be the most enjoyable task for you in the world ÔĀä.
  4. When a group of excellent professionals get together and play in team, the magic begins.
  5. The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts about reality
    - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I really appreciate the good willing of everyone in Southworks. I think that I’ve finally find my place in the professional world.

.Playing @ Major Leagues of Software Programming.

9 Hours Left!

Sunday’s night, about 9 hours to officially be a Southie!