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The Azure Media Services team has been regularly updating, improving and adding new features to the (codename Ibiza) since its initial announcement last year.

In this post, I will be covering the latest updates that were added this week.

Support for new Media Encoder Standard presets

The Azure Media Services team recently released an update for the Media Encoder Standard processor that supports new presets, and now they are all also available to use in the portal:

  • “Adaptive Streaming”. This is the new default preset for video assets that auto-generates a bitrate ladder based on the input resolution and bitrate.
  • “AAC Stereo for Streaming”. This is an audio-only preset. If the primary asset file happens to be an audio file (“.mp3“, “.wav“, “.wma“, “.m4a“, “.pcm“, “.f4a“, “.mka“, “.ogg“) then this preset will be selected by default.
  • “AAC 5.1 Channel for Streaming”. This is an audio-only preset.
  • “AAC Good Quality Audio for Download”. This is an audio-only preset.

New Media Encoder Standard presets


Job Details blade updates

The Job Details blade now has the following new commands to manage a job instance:

  • “Change priority”: Allows the user to change the priority of the job instance; it’s only enabled while the job is in Queued state.
  • “Cancel”: Allows the user to cancel the job instance; it’s only enabled while the job is transitioning through not final states.
  • “Delete”: Allows the user to delete the job instance; it’s only enabled when the job has reached a final state (Finished, Cancelled or Error).

Additionally, a new “Output Assets” grid was added at the bottom that contains the list of output assets generated by the job. Each item in the grid has deep linking support to open the corresponding Asset Details blade.

Job Details blade updates

New “Archive for download” command for Live Events (Programs)

The portal now supports a straightforward way to archive the top bitrate audio/video track from a live event (program) as an MP4 and then download the file. You can do this by following these steps from the Live Event blade.

  1. Once the Live Event (Program) is stopped, click the “Archive for download” command and confirm the operation.
  2. Click the “Archive for download job added” content state message to open the Job Details blade.
  3. In the Job Details blade, wait until the job finishes (the blade has auto-refresh logic).
  4. Click the row in the “Output Assets” grid to open the Assets Details blade for the job output asset containing the live archive.
  5. In the Asset Details blade, click the “Publish” command and create a “Progressive” locator. This is required to download the MP4 archive file in the next steps.
  6. Click the MP4 file row in the “Files” table to open the Asset File Details blade.
  7. Copy the Download URL field and use it to download the file to your local machine.

Archive for download live event (program)


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