Microsoft Azure Media Services SDK for Java v0.9.1 released with support for Widevine dynamic encryption


Last Friday, the Azure SDK team published a new release of the Azure SDK for Java Maven packages; you can find the full list at|ga|1| In particular, there were was a minor new release (v0.9.1) of the Azure Media Services SDK for Java that adds support for Widevine (DRM) Dynamic Common Encryption and License Delivery Service; below I’m listing the change log.

If you want to use the Java SDK in your Maven project, you just need to add the “azure-media” dependency in your pom.xml file as follows:



To demonstrate the new Java SDK features, I created the azure-media-dynamic-encryption-playready-widevine sample console Java application that contains a VOD end-to-end workflow that uses PlayReady and Widevine (DRM) Dynamic Common Encryption and the License Delivery Service for playback. It is based on the .NET sample explained in this documentation article:

You can access the full source code of this sample at:

Media Services SDK for Java sample projects in Eclipse


v0.9.1 Change Log




  • Tojo Alex says:

    We would like to move our video sales business from aws to azure because of playready availability.Most of our customers download the movie and play it later. My concern is , Is it possible to do that in azure media services with DRM protection. Offline play of the protected content which was downloaded previously. What are our options with Windows Azure media? we can’t find any information regarding this. Please guide us.


  • Terry says:

    Finally good news. I have been waiting for this release

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