Smooth Streaming Manifest Generator library and MMP Video Editor (former RCE) 2.1 released!

Last month, two new Media-related releases were published in the MSDN code samples gallery:

Smooth Streaming Manifest Generator release

The Smooth Streaming Manifest Generator is a lightweight Portable Class Library (PCL) that allows you to easily parse and generate Smooth Streaming manifests, such as ISM (server manifest), ISMC (client manifest) and CSM (composite stream manifest). This is really useful for building workflows to generate sub-clips out of Smooth Streaming media sources. The following sample code shows how easy it is to generate a CSM with a single clip using this library.

// Manifest URL of the Smooth Streaming video used as the source.

Uri manifestUri = new Uri("");


// Download the Smooth Streaming client manifest (ISMC) and parse it.

DownloaderManager downloaderManager = new DownloaderManager();

var manifestStream = downloaderManager.DownloadManifest(manifestUri, true);

SmoothStreamingManifestParser parser = new SmoothStreamingManifestParser(manifestStream);


// Create a Smooth Streaming Manifest writer setting the onlyAudioAndVideoTracks parameter in true.

SmoothStreamingManifestWriter writer = new SmoothStreamingManifestWriter(true);


// Set the begin and end positions of your clip.

ulong clipBeginPosition =  20000000;

ulong clipEndPosition   = 220000000;


// Create a Composite Stream Manifest and add a clip from the original Smooth Streaming source.

CompositeManifestInfo compositeManifestInfo = new CompositeManifestInfo(parser.ManifestInfo.MajorVersion, parser.ManifestInfo.MinorVersion);

compositeManifestInfo.AddClip(manifestUri, clipBeginPosition, clipEndPosition, null, parser.ManifestInfo);


// Write the Composite Stream Manifest to a string variable.

string compositeStreamManifest = writer.GenerateCompositeManifest(compositeManifestInfo, false, false)

For more information related to Smooth Streaming manifests, refer to the following articles:

Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor 2.1 release

The Silverlight Microsoft Media Platform (MMP) Video Editor (formerly known as Rough Cut Editor – RCE) simplifies the editing and publishing process, enabling real-time, browser-based video editing, and providing the ability for publishers to improve collaboration, manage dynamic metadata and deliver exciting content to the Web.

The MMP Video Editor 2.1 release includes the following new features:

  • Upgraded Visual Studio 2012 solution
  • Support for fade in and fade out transitions
  • Support to load asset in XML format from a JavaScript bridge so you can query your assets directly from a CMS web page and send them back to the MMP Video Editor
  • New mode to snap mark in and mark out positions to the nearest fragment boundary

If you want to download legacy releases of the MMP Video Editor, they are still available on the MSDN Archive site at:

Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor


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