Cloud Applicaction Patterns on Windows Azure – get heard!

We are working together with Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team creating a new guide in the Windows Azure Guidance Series called “Cloud Application Patterns on Windows Azure”.  The guide will discuss guidance and a wide range of patterns that are relevant to the cloud  dipped in Windows Azure sauce, and, contrary to popular belief, the secret is NOT in the sauce, the secret lies within YOU.

We are currently conducting an online survey, gauging interest and gathering feedback  on an initial list of patterns that we plan to tackle in the guide.  Feel free to go over the list and tell us what you think, get heard!

We’ll have:

  • Patterns for Improving Performance and Scalability
  • Patterns Data Management
  • Patterns for Configuration and Deployment
  • Patterns for Managing Resilience
  • Patterns for Monitoring and Metering
  • Patterns for Security and Isolation
  • and most important, patterns suggested by you!

Thank you and we appreciate your feedback.

Happy voting!

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