Developing Big Data Solutions on Windows Azure, the blind and the elephant

What is a Big Data solution to you?  Whatever you are thinking of, I cannot think of a better example than the story of the blind and the elephant.  “I’m a dev, It’s about writing some Map/Reduce awesomeness”, or “I’m a business analyst, I just want to query data in Excel!”,  “I’m a passer-by, but whatever this is, it’s yellow”… and so on.

I’m currently working with Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team, developing a new guide in the Windows Azure Guidance Series called “Developing Big Data Solutions on Windows Azure”.

The guide will focus on discussing a wide range of scenarios, all of which have HDInsight on Windows Azure as a key player, the related technologies from the Hadoop ecosystem and Microsoft’s current BI solution stack.

We just made our first early preview drop on codeplex, so you can take a peek and see how the guide is shaping up so far.

So go get it, have a read and tell us what you think, we appreciate your feedback!

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