p&p Kona Guidance for Windows Store apps: Documentation released!

In addition to the reusable components and the reference app, we are releasing an extensive documentation explaining some of the best practices for developing Windows Store LOB apps.

Below you can find our proposed table of contents of the project docs (items in bold are included in the latest drop).

  • Getting started with Kona
  • Key decisions in Kona
  • Guidance summary for Kona
  • Designing Kona’s UX
  • Developing for the Windows Runtime
  • Using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern in Kona
  • Creating and navigating between pages in Kona
  • Using touch in Kona
  • Validating user input in Kona
  • Managing application data in Kona
  • Handling suspend, resume, and activation in Kona
  • Communicating between loosely coupled components
  • Working with tiles in Kona
  • Using search
  • Improving performance in Kona
  • Testing and deploying Kona
  • Meet the Kona team
  • Quickstarts
  • The reusable Kona library

Download documentation
Download latest bits

As usual, any feedback at this stage is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned!

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