Installing Couchbase under Windows 8

The following are the workaround steps, that worked for me, when installing Couchbase (Enterprise Edition) under a Windows 8 operating system. After following these steps I’ve been able to get a healthy instance running.

The workarounds in which this article is based can be found online, so here I’m going to keep it simple and just write a list of steps (you can refer to these articles, found at the end of this post, if you need more information). So after install the package you downloaded, a CouchbaseServer service (Windows Service) instance should be running as shown below:


Execute the following steps in order to get a working instance (if it’s not working yet):

  1. Stop the service
  2. Edit the your Windows hosts file with Administrator rights
  3. Add the following line:    couchbase-node1
  4. Save and close the hosts file
  5. Now relative to the root folder where you installed Couchbase edit the .Serverbinservice_register.bat with Administrator rights
  6. Update the line that is setting the NS_NAME var to be: set NS_NAME=ns_1@couchbase-node1
  7. Update the line next to it to also set NS_NAME=ns_1@couchbase-node1
  8. Save and close the file
  9. From your Couchbase root folder delete the contents of .Servervarlibcouchbasemnesia
  10. Now run the .Serverbinservice_unregister.bat as Administrator (from your root folder)
  11. Next run the .Serverbinservice_register.bat file you edited
  12. At this point if you run the service and check the listening sockets (netstat -a) you should seen ports 8091 & 8092
  13. To run the memcached healthy replace the libtcmalloc_minimal-4.dll (at .Serverbin) with an previous version (this works for me)
  14. And finally, start the service

After all these steps have been performed you should have access to your administrative console under IE (http://localhost:8091/) and see everything running OK as shown below:


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  • Thanks for writing this up, I hope it helps someone. We are putting a lot of work into Windows right now so things should be smoother soon.

  • Daniel says:

    Great, that saved my day. Works fine
    Btw. the posted dll solution is working and nescesarry to run couchbase on Win 2012 Server too

  • Tom says:

    Thanks, this worked very well! Annoying that these steps had to be done though…

  • TC says:

    This did NOT fix the problem i’m having. After the installation, IE launches and does NOT bring up the admin page to configure Couchbase. I’ve been looking for any answers and there hasn’t been a one. The above value “NS_NAME” does not exist in the file outlined above.

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