Visual Studio Load Tests: Troubleshooting Performance Counters Collection Issues

When performing load testing, Visual Studio allows you to collect performance counters from the machines under test, including the controller and agents (which are collected by default). However, when trying to add a counter from a remote machine in your Visual Studio Load Test, you might get the following error:

Cant read performance counter categories for computer ‘…’


Or you might not get any values when running the load test and then get the following error in the Test Results

The performance counter category ‘Processor Information’ cannot be accessed on computer ‘I-NB160’ (Category does not exist.) ; check that the category and computer names are correct.


To troubleshoot these issues I’ve found the following tips really useful. You have to check them in the machine from which you are trying to collect the counters. My test rig was configured with 1 controller and 2 agents using Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • First, make sure that the user the Controller Service is running under is part of the Performance Monitor Users group. Additionally, make sure that the user under which Visual Studio is running is also part of this group.


  • Then make sure the Performance Logs and Alerts and the Remote Registry services are started.



For more details, check these two blog posts I’ve found around this subject:

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