End of Iteration ;)

As some of you know, I’m closing a chapter of my professional life in Southworks today and starting a new one in Microsoft Argentina (DPE) from next week.

It’s been a 6.5 years chapter actually, that started for me in an earlier version of the Southworks that exists today. I think we grew a lot, in part because of the awesome team we helped to build together and also because of the help of very talented and generous people, passionate of getting better every day. I believe the current version of Southworks is the result of that hard work: a well-respected and growing company that earned its place of high quality service, that world-changing agents trust and where many talented engineers find a place to grow and share.

Lots of projects, trips, experiences and people come to my mind now. Ale Jack, Mawolo, Fede Jack, Tincho Cacciola, TimO, Mariano S, Lito, Beto, Martin Salias, EZ, Johnny and JPG are some of the “oldest” friends here (in representation of the whole team which includes many, many awesome people that I’ve been interacting with in the last years): well let me thank you for the incredible help, guidance, support and teamwork of these years. I guess I’ll be happy in the future if I get a 1% of what I felt, grew and did at Southworks; and I guess I will because I’ll carry the Southworks flag with me.

I’m simply happy of spending my last 6.5 years working at Southworks but honestly I don’t think that our story together ends here. As I said before, this is just an End of Iteration, and I’m looking forward to keep working and growing together in the following iteration! I’ll be around, you’ll see….and we’ll keep having moments like these:


See you soon and keep it up!

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