Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor (former RCE) 2.0 just released

Today, the new version of the Microsoft Media Platform (MMP) Video Editor was released to the public. The new release is based on Silverlight 5, and has a lot (really a lot!) of new features (fully listed below), such as a UI based on floating windows, and a new Sub-Clip tool which gives editors more control when creating clips.

You can play with the new version at

The downloadable packages of the new release are:

  • MMP Video Editor 2.0 Source Code: Useful in case you want to know how the different features are implemented.
  • MMP Video Editor 2.0 Binaries: If you don’t care about the source and just can’t wait to host it.
  • MMP Video Editor 2.0 Documentation: Updated documentation, including the “New Features in the MMP Video Editor 2.0” that provides a brief overview of the brand new features.
  • MMP Video Editor 2.0 Overlays & Rubberbanding Plugin Sample: Two plug-ins for the “Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework (formerly SMF)” were created to manage overlays and rubber-banding in CSMs (see new features document). The sample includes the source code for the plug-ins and a sample player that showcases the plug-ins’ capabilities.


New Features

The full list of new features included in this version are:

  • Silverlight 5 based
  • Out-of-Browser capabilities
  • Floating Windows
  • Playback Model: CSM Based
  • Multiple Sequences
  • Sub-clip Tool
    • Asset Preview
    • Multiple Video Cameras selection
    • Multiple Audio Tracks selection
    • Metadata Support
  • Multiple clips selection and locking
  • Enhanced Overlays Support
  • Markers and Ads Browser
  • Rubber banding and multiple audio tracks
  • Keyboard Layout Configuration
  • Jog wheel support


I recommend you to go over the new features document before you start editing clips, as there are a lot changes in most of the major features of the application.

If you have comments, questions, suggestions or any issue, please visit the MMP Video Editor community site.

We hope enjoy this new version and have a lot of fun editing!!!

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