Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor SP2 Released

On Monday, Microsoft released the Service Pack 2 version of the Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor (formerly known as RCE).


This version includes all the new features and bug fixes that were included in SP1, an important fix for an issue that occurs when playing live smooth streaming videos and a minor fix in the Composite Stream Manifest generator.

Full descriptions of the issues are provided below in case you have run into them.

Issues Description

Live Smooth Streaming Videos without text tracks fails on playback

When playing a live smooth streaming video without any text tracks, a message is shown explaining that the video can’t be played.
The log has the following related entry: “Exception: Failed to parse manifest: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.”

First chunk duration are not generated sometimes

In some scenarios, the duration of the first chunk of the video and audio streams is not generated.

The error message when playing the generated CSM is the following: Caught exception trying to parse main manifest: First audio chunk in clip 1 [start time = X, duration = Y] does not contain clip start position Z]“, where X, Y and Z are values that depend on your clips. For more information on common issues when generating and using CSMs, please check this blog post.

Hopefully, you will find this new release useful.

If you have comments, questions, suggestions or any issue, please visit the MMP Video Editor community site.

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  • truyen says:


    I have been searching for an example code of using Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) for live streaming.
    in case of archive streaming, the SmoothStreamingSource of SSME is set to point to .ism/manifest file while in case of live streaming we don’t have .ism but .isml. I’m thinking of pointing to .isml/manifest but don’t know for sure whether that work.
    Any help on this is very much appreciated.

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