Silverlight Rough Cut Editor SP1 Released

Microsoft just released the SP1 version of the Silverlight Rough Cut Editor.

This service pack addresses some of the most requested requirements by the community.

In this post you will find detailed information about what this release contains.


Service Pack Content

In this service pack you will find:

  • The RCE migrated to Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4 and IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.5.
  • Issues fixed that improve CPU performance.
  • Bug fixing.
  • An enhanced setup experience with automation scripts for Windows 7, Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2.
  • Composite Stream Manifest generation integrated with the RCE.
  • An updated version of the Composite Stream Manifest generator that supports  manifest compression and the new IIS Media Services 4.0 manifest format (duration based).
  • A new Assets Data Provider that retrieves the assets from a plain XML.
  • A source code refactoring that takes advantage of the Smooth Streaming Plugin provided by the Silverlight Media Framework.

New Setup Experience

Two packages were released as part of the SP1. One contains the source code and the other one contains the binaries ready to be hosted.

In both packages you will find a start here document that will help you to install the Rough Cut Editor. They also contain a new set of scripts to automate the deployment in 3 platforms: Windows 7, Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2.

Note: If you are trying to run the RCE in another platform, please refer to the topic in the CHM documentation that explains how to do a manual deployment of the solution.

The scripts will first detect if the pre-requisites required to run the the RCE are installed and then, will perform all the operations required to leave the RCE up and running in your environment.

image image

After installing the package, you will find a shortcut in the desktop to run the solution.



Composite Stream Manifest Generator Additions

The IIS Media Services 4.0 has a new manifest format (duration based instead of time based) and also adds support for a new repeat tag “r” to obtain more compression in the manifest.

The new format is compatible with the previous version of the Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) , but the manifest compression feature it is only compatible with SSME >= v1.5.

For more information about these changes, please read this blog post from Giuseppe Guerrasio.

The Composite Stream Manifest generator now outputs CSMs following the new proposed format and also has the ability to compress the output manifest.

In the Test Page of the CSM generator, you will find a new checkbox that will allow you to test the manifest compression.


You can read more about the CSM generator in this blog post.


Composite Manifest Generation integrated with the RCE.

How many times you were using the RCE and wanted to quickly generate a CSM to check how your edits look like? Before SP1, you were required to export the RCE project, copy its content and paste it on the generator test page, generate the manifest, copy the generation output and host the CSM. Looong process. You can imagine how quickly that turns into a repetitive task.

The RCE SP1 has the CSM generator integrated as part of the Output module. Now you select a CSM output, click Export and the CMS will be generated and hosted for you. The generated CSM ends up in the RCE.Web/encode/CSM directory.



I hope you find this new release useful. If you have comments, questions, suggestions or any issue, please visit the Rough Cut Editor community site.

Happy editing!

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