eBay shows some OData love!

Hot off the press! As it just was shown by Scott Gu during PDC 2010 keynote, now you can search eBay using a new OData API. The API is running on Windows Azure Platform and can be reached at http://ebayodata.cloudapp.net.

There’s also some interesting developer documentation that can be seen at http://ebayodata.cloudapp.net/Docs to help you get started.

Besides from the great hype of OData, it’s cool to mention that the API has been built with using nothing but existing eBay’s APIs (If you wanna learn how it’s built and what’s happening under-the-hood, I strongly recommend you to see Pablo Castro’s talk about Building Real-World OData Services). You can search on the catalog using a simple but yet powerful search interface provided by the OData protocol. e.g. http://ebayodata.cloudapp.net/Items?search=the walking dead

I’m also happy that this sees the light because there was great people behind it, and working with them it’s truly an inspiration from the technical perspective and also from the human side. These people taught me a very important lesson on commitment and how you can always self-improve by pushing harder and harder.

As part of these team there’re 3 people that I want to special mention and thanks for all their contributions in my personal growth but also for letting me be part of a kick ass team:

Juan Pablo & SebaRen. Words aren’t enough, thanks thanks thanks and more thanks. Never, ever, in my whole entire life I worked with two people like them, no matter the time, always running against the clock this guysmade all these possible (most of this public is going public today so stay tuned).

JC (Jonathan Carter). Lately we paired up on bunch of stuff, and we became close friends and even with thousands of miles of distance we kept a great communication channel. He taught me bunch of valuable lessons while building the project. His ability to position himself on the customer/developer/whatever side it’s amazing and it really adds value on the final result. I’ve never seen anyone who thinks that much (and focused that much) on the dev reaction and feelings while using a library. This is one of the guys that no matter what we’re building, the language, or even the purpose I wanna work with.

#PDC10 just kicked off, and you just seen a quick peep of what’s really going on, stay tuned!


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