CloudCamp BA Wrap-up: Highlights, Videos & Photos

On May 7th we had the exciting opportunity to host the first CloudCamp Buenos Aires event at our Headquarters. Dave Nielsen, one of the CloudCamp founders, came over to facilitate this event whcloudcamp_01ere cloud computing technologies are explored in an open, innovative way. This event was also possible thanks to the support of our co-sponsors: Microsoft and Globant.

Fortunately, we had among our attendees Eugenio Pace and Scott Densmore from Microsoft patterns & practices, who not only presented an interesting lightning talk, but also shared their expertise on the Windows Azure platform during the open space “Unconferences”.

Even though this was a free event, prior registration was required and we had a limited amount of tickets to give out. The good news is that we could capture some of the most important moments of the day in photos and video clips. So if you missed the event, or if you want to review some of its highlights, you can now access this material (more info is given below).

Doing a brief recap, the event’s main activities consisted of:

  • A reception with coffee and home-made pastry where attendees could register and do some networking before the event kick-off.
  • An welcome message by Martin Salias and an introduction to the event format by Dave Nielsen.
  • A series of three lightning talks (5-minutes each) by Eugenio Pace (Microsoft patterns & practices), Alberto Ortega (Southworks), and Lucas Ortigoza (Globant).
  • An “Unpanel” section where volunteers from the audience jumped to the stage and answered questions about cloud computing topics proposed by the attendees themselves. Volunteers included Matias Bagini (JRapid), Scott Densmore & Eugenio Pace (Microsoft patterns & practices), and Johnny Halife (Southworks).
  • Three open space sessions (“Unconferences”) where the main topics discussed included: Cloud Security, Private Clouds, Migrating Apps to Windows Azure, NoSQL and other desing patterns, and Google App Engine.


Finally, some quick/fun figures from the event we thought you’d enjoy:

  • 61 persons attended the CloudCamp Buenos Aires.
  • 4 hours of event content were delivered to the attendees, between Lightning Talks, Unpanel, and Unconferences.
  • 17 litres of coffee, 10 litres of home-made lemonade, and an assorted selection of pastry kept our attendees happy during event breaks.


Last but not least, I’d like to thank Martin Salias for his great work on spreading the word of the event, helping with the logistics, and acting as the event host. And I would also like to especially thank our volunteers Mariano Szklanny and Guido Maliandi who helped us produce these great photos and videos from the event:

We hope you all enjoy this material, and we look forward to having you here in future events.

See you soon!

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