Reaching Azure Development Fabriq from a remote machine

Are you following me on Twitter? If the answer is yes, you may know that I forked the waz-storage project to write the Tables and Entities operations exposed by the Windows Azure Table API.

One of the things I wanted to get while writing code in my ruby environment, was to perform functional tests against a local environment. So, today I’m going to talk about the Azure Development Fabriq and how you can access to this service from outside your local host.

The problem

The Development Fabriq is configured by default to listen in the following sockets:

That said, we can imagine that http://{Your_LAN_IPAddress}:10000/devstoreaccount1/container/myblob will allow us to get that blob, but it will never happen. At this point, you can consume the services just from your localhost.

The solution

You can change the default IP address by the one assigned to your interface, in the configuration file C:Program FilesWindows Azure SDKv1.0bindevstoreDSService.exe.config:

  <service name="Blob" url=""/>
  <service name="Queue" url=""/>
  <service name="Table" url=""/>

Shutdown / Start the Development Fabriq to apply those changes and that’s it. Tests passing from Textmate against a vm runing the Storage Service locally.



hope you like it!

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