p&p’s Web Client Guidance drop is out!

As some of you might probably know because of some posts by Blaine, the patterns & practices team that brought you Prism is working on a new Web guidance.

This project is currently under development, and as with all p&p assets, we opened up our biweekly drops to the community, so we can get early feedback from you.

Music Store Reference Implementation - Search Results

This all new Web guidance is not built on top of Web Client Software Factory, but can coexist with it. So if it’s not WCSF, and it is from the same group…

… what is this all about?

The anticipated benefits include (but might change in the final release, again, FEEDBACK is the magic keyword):

  • Provides infrastructure for developing and maintaining ASP.NET and AJAX applications
  • Provides guidance on MVC 2, jQuery, and AJAX library
  • Unit testing for ASP.NET and JavaScript client applications
  • Responsive applications
  • Flexible architecture that allows change
  • Separated presentation including unit testing view logic
  • Application modules are developed, tested and deployed separately
  • User Interface components are dynamically composed
  • Guidance on how to improve Web client security
  • Allows incremental adoption of the components

What is the current state?

This is the first public drop of the Web Client Developer Guidance. We are currently in the 5th iteration. The Reference Implementation (RI) shows several UI patterns (predictive fetch, preview, edit-in-line). Most recently, we’ve been working on implementing separated presentation patterns and composability within MVC. The RI has JavaScript unit tests using QUnit. Also included in the RI is guidance on minification and combining JavaScript files.

The 3 included QuickStarts are:

  • RI_WebForms. This is a port of the RI, developed using MVC, to Web Forms.
  • Validation QuickStart. This shows server and client-side validation.
  • WebFormsMVCHybrid. This shows MVC functionality within a Web Forms application.

The documentation includes draft guidance on cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, update panel, and more.

Bare with us that this is in a very early stage, so for example you might see a bad looking site, as we hadn’t hired a designer to enhance our CSS and so on (yup, us developers frequently pick colors from the combobox, and remember that the usual choices are Aqua, Magenta and so on :D).

How can I consume this?

There is a readme file included in the drop, that will tell you how to get the dependencies (they are just a few). It will also tell you how to run the RI or the JavaScript unit tests.

Once you are running the RI, you’ll see in each page a very last-minute-information-panel, that will tell you what we are demonstrating in each of the pages, from a technical perspective (expect improvements to this in future drops).

Now that this drop is out, I’ll be writing blog posts more frequently, to tell you about the decisions and hidden goodies we’ve found while developing.

Where is it?

Get it from codeplex! Current drop is the one from Nov 13th.

Remember, WE WANT FEEDBACK FROM YOU! (yes, we are not kindly asking, you can make the project be what you need, we just need to know what you think about it).

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