Prism 2 (Composite Application Guidance for WPF & Silverlight) migrated to Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

As most of you might know, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 was released some days ago. Ever since, many people have asked at the Prism codeplex forums if Prism works with this latest version. That’s why with Fer we decided to migrate Prism latest release for Silverlight 3 to VS 2010 Beta 2. Our conclusion after our smoke tests is that it does work 🙂 .

Migration Steps

  1. Migrated every solution.image
  2. Ran the tests and smoke tested each application.
  3. Fixed any issues that appeared (mostly related to missing assembly references).
  4. As a little extra, we added the White assembly references required to run the acceptance tests.

Changes Required

Below you can find a small explanation of the changes required for the migration:

  1. The Reference Implementation Tests fail (4 tests) when you run them. The fix is explained in this thread.
  2. Many projects will throw a missing assembly reference exception related to “System.Xaml.dll”. You need to add this assembly as a reference in most test projects.
  3. The Multitargeting Quickstart throws an error when running it. To fix it, change the Resources constructor modifier from internal to public.
  4. Some build errors might be thrown because of code analysis issues in Silverlight projects (CA:0055 Analysis of Silverlight assemblies is not supported):
    • Uncheck the “Enable Code Analysis on build” check box in the Code Analysis tab.
    • Make sure code analysis is not one of the compilation symbols in the Build tab.


The code provides all the fixes performed, and is provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confers no rights. It is shipped under the “works on my machine” license. You can download it from here.

I hope this saves you the trouble of migrating Prism to VS 2010.

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