Composite Application Guidance for WPF & Silverlight (Prism-v2) Reference Implementation using Silverlight 3 Validation

Yesterday I blogged about the Prism-v2 Reference Implementation migrated to Silverlight 3 with Out of Browser Capabilities. You can read that post here.

Today I wanted to compare the validation provided by the RI to the one that comes with Silverlight 3. I came up to the conclusion that the approach provided by p&p is pretty similar to one of the approaches Silverlight 3 allows related to validation. You can watch this video about Silverlight 3 Validation which explains some of the possibilities you have.

After that I decided to replace the RI’s validation using Silverlight 3 and was able to do it with some minor changes (you can check the OrdersDetailsView and OrdersDetailsPresentationModel which have most of the changes).

A different approach to reduce code behind through attached behaviors in the views can be used to keep a list of the validation errors. This blog post provides more information about it.

After all the changes were made, the following is the outcome with invalid data input:

Prismv2 RI Validation Error

Source Code


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You can get source code here: Prism v2 RI with SL3 .

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