How to: Drag and Drop Silverlight Views between Regions in Prism-v2

As some of you may know, some weeks ago I blogged about how to drag and drop WPF views between regions in Prism-v2. Well, today I started spiking and was able to create the same sample for Silverlight (thanks Julian and Ezequiel for your contributions). So, if you were interested in the previous spike but could not use it because you are developing a Silverlight application, you might find this sample useful.

I will not go over the specs, because there are no modifications required to use it compared to its WPF version (explained in my related previous post). However, I did modify the ViewDragManager to cope with some of the WPF/Silverlight differences.


Below you can find a picture of how the Silverlight ViewDragManager doing its job:


Drag and Drop Sample


This code is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


You can get the sample from here:

Hope this is useful application ).

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