Putting Prism-v2 extensibility to test. The standalone Silverlight Event Aggregator

This is a post I have had pending for a long time. As usual it came up after I saw this question in the Composite WPF & Silverlight forums at Codeplex.

The user wanted a lightweight download, and was only using the Event Aggregator from the CAL’s latest bits. I thought that this would really test Prism’s extensibility, so I created a single assembly which only contained things required by the Silverlight Event Aggregator.

UPDATE: This assembly also works when using Silverlight 3 Beta version.

The following picture will easen the process of explaining/understanding all the classes this assembly requires. It was taken using the .Net Reflector. (Clicking it will probably make it easier to read)

Afterwards I tested the correct functionality of this assembly using the EventAggregator Quickstart by replacing the events used in it with events from this new assembly.Everything worked like a charm, so Prism-v2 passed this “extensibility test” 🙂

Glenn Block has a post that explains how to perform Event Aggregation with MEF (with and without EventAggregator), so perhaps you could find that post interesting if you have read this far.

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This assembly is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


You can get the assembly here: Composite.EventAggregator.Silverlight.

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