Windows Azure

Windows Azure is part of the Azure Services Platform which I introduced in my previous post.

This new platform will allow us (Developers) to run your applications directly in the cloud by hosting them in Windows Azure. This means that not only Web apps can be developed for Windows Azure but also background processes are also supported.

Windows Azure not only provides an environment to run applications but it also provides a platform for storing application’s data. This data is exposed using a RESTful approach, which means that applications running on Azure and applications running elsewhere can access this data in the same way.

Up to this date Windows Azure can run only applications built on the .NET Framework, but Microsoft has announced that it will also support running unmanaged code in 2009.

Why Use Windows Azure?

Windows Azure runs on a large number of machines, located in the huge Microsoft’s data centers. By running applications on the cloud, we are making use of the advantages of Microsoft’s infrastructure which can have great benefits:

·        Save money. Instead of buying your own servers (even when you need your app to scale), use the ones provided by Azure and pay just for what you use .

·        Save Time. Installing and maintaining systems and servers take time and effort. Microsoft does this for you!

How to start?

The best way to start learning and coding for Windows Azure is doing the Training Kit Labs:

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