WindowRegionAdapter at CompositeWPF (Prism) Contrib

Finally, I got the time to make the acceptance tests and the documentation for the WindowRegionAdapter!


Now, with the help of my workmate Ezequiel Jadib, it is live at CompositeWPF Contrib!


Figure 1. The WindowRegionAdapter in the News section at the CompositeWPF Contrib site.



You can get it by downloading the latest change set (you’ll find it in the %ContribFolder%TrunkSamplesWindowsRegionAdapter folder).



For more information on the WindowRegionAdapter, you may check the Window Region Adapter article in the Documentation section and my previous post on the WindowRegionAdaptrer: WindowRegionAdapter for CompositeWPF (Prism).

For more information on the latest additions to CompositeWPF Contrib, you may have a look at the following link: CompositeWPF (Prism) Contrib Latest Additions (2008-10-26).




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