Memories from Code Camp – Buenos Aires 2007

On October 24t we held the Microsoft Code Camp – Buenos Aires 2007. The event was really good, there were lots of people and of course the speakers were great.

Code Camp was a great opportunity for students to get involved on our daily work, during the event they could see the work done by our user groups, two of the best industry speakers (Alejandro G. Jack and Andrés Aguiar), a WPF Guru like Paulo Arancibia, and also had time to win an X-Box  360°.

I’m really happy with our first Code Camp, I think it’s the first of lots of events where UG and MSPs will be able to expose what they do and what they’ve been working on.

I hope all the assistants have left with a sensation that for the next Code Camp they can be on the other side (as presenters) since this event was thought by students for students.


About my track, you can get DinnerNow source code from and start playing around with the bits.

Finally, I want to thank all the people that made this event possible: Southworks Team, Microsoft Argentina Faculty Contact Center, ASPSOFT, Andrés Aguiar (Infragistics), All the MSP (Microsoft Student Partners), and of course to my Track partner Augusto Alvarez.

And remember….

Technology is a journey… enjoy the ride



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