MOM 2005 Reporting Server – “rsProcessingAborted” Error showed on any report

After you installed your MOM Reporting server, the next thing you should do is to import all reports included in the MOM Management Packs.

During the MOM Reporting setup the Reporting User Account must be specified. If this account is not part of the BUILTINAdministrators group on the Reportig Server, any attempt to render the reports will have the same error as output:

…( rsProcessingAborted )…
Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.

This is because Default security settings on SQL Reporting Services list only the BUILTINTAdministrators group as the allowed users to execute reports. You have tow possible solutions:

  1. Make the Reporting User Account member of a group that is member of the BUILTINAdminsitrators group on the MOM Reporting Server. (Not so desirable for the security environment)
  2. Add a security group that the Reporting User Accounts belongs to, to the SQL Server Services security settings. (Recommended)

Solving this permissions issue you will be able to see any Management Pack report. Enjoy!

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  • http:// says:

    i gave the all authority to reporitng service as listed above & also a member to builtinadministraotr.
    but it still give the error while i run in server or remote.please help me how to solve this error.
    thanks in advance.

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