Azure Pricing Calculator

The Microsoft Azure site provides pricing information and service documentation for all the services in the Azure Platforms. In this project we worked on improving how the pricing data for all these services is stored in the site, to provide a more flexible and centralized way of managing prices and services features that is then rendered in each pricing page, and to be integrated with the pricing calculator experience in the future. Additionally, we worked on migrating all the pricing details pages to a new look & feel, revamping the UI entirely both in aesthetics and in the underlying implementation to make it more reusable and easier to maintain.

The Azure Pricing Calculator is a Single Page App built with ASP.NET MVC and ReactJs. As a high traffic Website it leverages the cloud to expose multiple instances of the site running across multiple data centers in several regions across the world, providing the best latency possible for end users. It also benefits from the cloud by relying on many other high available services in the Azure Platform such as Storage, SQL and Redis Cache. Through continuous integration and deployment, the site has undergone more than one year of daily production deployments.


ASP.NET MVC, ReactJs, HTML/CSS, LESS, Javascript, Azure Web Sites, TeamCity