Azure Media Services

Southworks uses Azure Media Services to help customers quickly build great, extremely scalable, end-to-end media solutions for streaming live or on-demand video to consumers on any device.  With Azure Media Services you can create a media service for delivering training videos to employees in your company, a video stream showing live content simultaneously across geographically diverse locations in your organization, a premium video-on-demand service like Hulu or Netflix, or much, much more.

For the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, end-to-end live streaming was provided entirely in the cloud, including encoding, transcoding and streaming. Southworks created a web-based dashboard for creating, managing and monitoring channels used for live events, used by Olympics’ broadcasters to monitor the health and quality of their solutions. In 2012 Southworks partnered with Microsoft to create Azure Media Services solutions for broadcasters to stream the London 2012 Olympics, delivering 2,300 hours of live and VOD HD content to over 20 countries. Previously, Southworks created the Rough Cut Editor, a tool used by NBC editors to quickly create highlights from live Sunday Night Football games and publish those highlights to the web even before the football game concluded.

Whether it’s transcoding, channel configuration, custom workflows, dynamic packaging, content protection, sub-clipping, or program scheduling, Southworks can help you build an awesome solution that provides a great experience for your viewers.