The Right Fit

Our culture is really important to us. It’s the foundation of our ability to give a consistently great experience to our clients. We want people to enjoy their work, to inspire their teammates, and to create solutions that delight our customers. That only happens when we take care to make sure Southworks is the right fit for you, and you are the right person for Southworks.

Things We Value






5 Signs

This might be a good fit…

You really like to write code

You enjoy learning new things

You want to work on teams with bright people

You consistently deliver on your commitments

You care more about having impact than getting credit

This might not work out…

You always prefer to work alone

You are most productive during all-nighters full of diet soda and pizza

You think the source code you write is sufficient communication

You only want to work with mature technology that is stable

You really don’t like feedback

“SW has a corporate culture that distinguishes it from the rest, a way of working, a way of seeing things differently. They always work their hardest at everything, for the customers and for all the employees. It’s a quality that you start incorporating in your own lifestyle.”

– Southworks Developer

Our Work Environment

When you walk through our team rooms you can sense energy and camaraderie. Our developers enjoy creating meaningful solutions for our customers. We value giving developers an excellent work environment to support their efforts.

“Our work equipment is top quality – the chairs, the computers, the monitors…everything.”

– Southworks Developer

Cool, comfy Embody chairs and dual widescreen monitors

Soundproof focus rooms for quiet time

Time for full lives outside the office, despite fascinating work

Beautiful meeting space and lunch area

Coffee, cold beverages, cereal and fruits available all day

Technical library full of latest books

A variety of restaurants within a short walk

Large projection screen in our meeting space (never miss an important World Cup match!)

What We Do

We create meaningful solutions through software. This requires that we understand the problem domain, the customer’s priorities and the technology available to create the solution. It also means we spend a good chunk of our days writing quality code.

Many times we have access to pre-release bits and that means things we use don’t always work as they should. We’ve become very good at figuring out how to work with, and around, not-quite-stable platforms. But it does mean that when things become generally available, we already have experience with them.

Our Toolbelt

Things can change rapidly, but here some of the technologies we are currently using.

Our Toolbelt

How We Work

Our clients depend upon us and we reward their loyalty with our best efforts. Our process centers around visibility and making sure we are always working on the customer’s top priorities. Our developers take great pride in leaving the office each day knowing they’ve accomplished something significant.

Our Process

Application Process

1. Submit Your Resume

Our journey begins with your background information. If you send your resume to someone in our recruiting team will take a look and get back to you if we'd like to set up a telephone interview.

2. Have a Conversation

This is a chance for us to get to know you and help you see if Southworks is a good fit for you. We'll explore your current activities, your interests and why you are looking for a change.

3. Come Meet Us

This includes our technical interview where we'll explore your skills and if they are a good fit for us. We'll also show you our work environment and discuss a day in the life of Southworks.

4. Show Us Your Stuff

Our daily work involves thoughtful discipline, persistence, and creativity. We'll ask you to complete a short exercise on your own time where you'll have a chance to demonstrate all three. Once you've submitted your response, a team of technical leads will evaluate.

5. Get Excited

The hard part is over. Our recruiting team will now meet with our technical leads and decide how to proceed. We won't make you wait too long. It could be just a short time until you are doing some awesome work with a great team using the latest technology.